American TunnelVision--The Mid-East

Any attempt to understand the Palestinian/Arab perspective has to start with the ralization/acceptance that the Israeli Jews stole the land that is Israel from the occupying indigenous peoples living there at the end of WWII. With the help of Britain and the US (to the tune of 3 billion US $ in aid each year for forever--and for what?) we have propped up the regime and made them into the superpower of the region,able to perpetrate further land grabs,and ethnic cleansing with little threat of serious world intervention---until the Palestianians seemingly discovered a modicum of power by using the suicide bomber "card".


No amount of watching US news coverage or listening to our hypocritical administration will ever allow one to understand "why they hate us" until you get exposed to and accept the above.And once one comes to that realization, then the obvious question is "My God!" how could such an obvious fact be so utterly overlooked/covered up for so many years by so many people and organizations in a country that prides itself  as the most democratic,open, and free to open circulation of the "truth" in all human history allow this to happen.


Then you should get truly depressed, for some of your most fundamental beliefs in American justice and leadership will have been shaken- as has mine.It's the cancer that I call American fascism, and the most obvious symbol is the "Bastard Bush Administration"---but it is rampant,including the Democratic party.