Independent Dance Teachers/DJs


BDS presents available information from the ASK-DPOPE database on some of our local ballroom dance instructors/DJs as a complimentary service. If you are an independent just complete an on-line BDSWEB registration  "People"   "Input" section entry in ASK-DPOPE, with "ContactType" as "Teacher", and "Region" as "SF Bay Area",and "Notes" as you want to be listed.(DJs be sure to list as "DJ" under "Notes".) You will be automatically added. E-mail,or call/(fax) us at (408)879-0522/(0524) if you have problems. (Teachers/DJs in other areas can of course enter their data in other Regions,States,Countries etc as most appropriate.Similar listings can be generated for those areas by appropriate search entries into the generalized search table below.)